The Navman Solution

With Navman's market leading solutions, you can have full visibility and control in real time, 24/7, over your vehicles and mobile workforce.

The M-Nav 950 is a combined messaging and navigation device in one stylish package. The M-Nav interfaces with the OnlineAVL system and connects into the tracking device. As a result, the M-Nav has the capability to send and receive two way text messages and receive route coordinates from the office straight to the dashboard.

With the M-Nav, you can send job details and customer information directly to the driver with the job location as GPS co-ordinates. The M-Nav will automatically interpret the location co-ordinates and guide the driver to the desired destination with turn-by-turn instructions.

Navman Wireless’ software called Drive, encompasses a range of applications to enhance driverefficiency, safety and productivity and is pre-installed on the M-Nav 950.

"Fleet efficiency can be largely impacted by distracted driving, manual paperwork and exchanges of job site information," Navman Wireless vice president Asia Pacific Ian Daniel says.

"The M-Nav 950 in combination with Drive removes these inefficiencies by providing real-time updates on daily jobs and driver activity to fleet managers through a single device. It enables fleet vehicles to stay connected, focused, on time and safe." 

Navman Wireless can provide individual or job-related routing, speed alerts, messaging, customised forms for receiving and tracking job information and engine monitoring, if a data capture unit is fitted.

The software also provides drivers with truck attribution data, which can inform drivers of current road guidelines specific to the vehicle, such as information on size and weight restrictions and road regulations.

The M-Nav 950 is powered by a 1500mAh rechargeable battery, 1GB of RAM and 1.2GHz quadcore processor. The unit has 16GB of in-built storage but additional space can be added via a microSD slot.

The new unit is at the same price point as the previous model.

OnlineAVL Software

The core of the Navman Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management system is the sophisticated OnlineAVL (automatic vehicle locator) software solution.  This is a Windows based application providing access to your fleet's activity data, 24x7, via the World Wide Web.

This means that you can track, message and navigate your fleet from almost any PC, in any location around the world.

Key Features of OnlineAVL

  1. Comprehensive reporting suite
  2. Fast access to clear and concise high quality coloured maps
  3. Zoom map to view from country level down to street level
  4. Message one, some or all the vehicles from the desktop
  5. Select a street and route the vehicles to the destination
  6. Search nearest vehicle to a location
  7. Draw boundry lines around locations and report on site visits and crossings
  8. Receive desktop alerts on boundary crossing and certain vehicle activities
  9. Plus much more…

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