System Design

Products that power Remote Asset Intelligence

Navman Wireless has been a leading developer of GPS-based fleet-management technology from the industry's beginning. In fact we are one of the few companies that manufacture our own fleet-tracking, navigation and messaging products. Why is this important? Because we are able to constantly and quickly evolve our offerings to best meet the needs of our clients.

When used together, in a number of combinations, these are the products that power and deliver Remote Asset Intelligence, helping keep you competitive.

Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence… Data, made actionable

The combination of technology you use to manage your fleet, including telematics, fleet-tracking systems, GPS, etc. is critical to your success. But all the technology in the world is of no use if it doesn’t provide information that is meaningful and actionable. The data that flows your way in its raw form can be obtuse and overwhelming.

But with the Navman Wireless approach to fleet management, this isn’t the case. Our OnlineAVL2, which is at the heart of our offerings, synthesizes the location, diagnostic and behavioral information that is captured and makes it user-friendly—and more importantly—useful and relevant.

Through the use of reports, alerts, logs and maps, unstructured data gains context. And it suddenly has power—now it’s actionable and insightful and capable of informing decisions that improve your business or organization. What was once mere data is now Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence.

  • Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence derives from data captured via relevant technological solutions, such as tracking, tracking and messaging, and tracking, messaging and navigation
  • Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence is leveraged information that is centralized, and organized in a single software application, which allows for the seamless flow of many data points into one view point that provides a holistic view of activities
  • Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence is output to you through a variety of contextual tools that provide location, diagnostic and behavioral insight into ALL of your assets – on- and off-highway, human and mechanical
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