Save Fuel

Examples of Clients Fuel Saving 

A/C Contractor in Riverside County installed 9 units. Average MPG before the system was installed 9MPG. After installing our GPS Solution the average MPG improved to over 12MPG. The way this was accomplished was a reduction in speeding and a conscious effort to reduce engine idle. That’s an impressive 33% improvement First year fuel savings of over 2,976 gallons of fuel saving over $10,385.00


Erosion Control Contractor installed 15 units on their fleet. On one vehicle they found it getting 1.8 MPG due to excessive engine idle. Today that vehicle is getting over 11MPG. That is over a 600% improvement in MPG on that one vehicle alone.


Refrigeration Repair Company in El Cajon installed 28 units, and saved over $1,400.00 on fuels in just two weeks. Projected first year fuel savings alone is expected to be over $40,000. Those savings go right to the bottom line.


Medical Equipment Delivery Company in Poway installed 10 units and has increased MPG by over 27% in just the first month. They have also identified other labor savings as well.

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