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September 2, 2009


A & D Technology is “Incredible”


Oceanside, CA. based Pinpoint Pest Control founder and owner Bill Tanksley uses the word “incredible” to describe what he says are the “great benefits” in having installed A&D Technology’s Navman global positioning navigation units in five of its service vehicles.

“You guys at A&D have really done a great job on this,” Bill says. “The navigation units let me route the crews or reroute them while they are on the road and if I need to send them a text message, I can practically write an epistle. I’ve got a 400-character limit; try that on a cell phone text! There’s no need for them to call me back to spell out details. All the necessary info is in that message.”

Another valuable GPS benefit comes from the extensive feedback information provided from the trucks in the field. “For instance, back in the office we can tell if a certain vehicle’s engine is running or whether or not the pumps on our spray rigs are being properly utilized.” Bill says that in the pest control industry there are always some field technicians who get in a hurry and do not complete their assignments. “The pump is what puts our materials out where they can protect our customers’ homes. In the past we had a technician who would show up at a customer’s place, hang the delivery notice on the customer’s door and then take off. They claimed they did the work, got paid for doing the work, and we got stuck with the callbacks. With this new GPS system we can follow our drivers throughout their day and we can confidently bill our customers for a job well done.”

“The Navman system that we are using today is far superior to the units that we took out of our trucks six months ago,” Says Steve Tanksley, Pinpoint’s Executive Vice President. “Not only can we monitor our workers in the field, we can route them with an onboard navigator that has maps that are more accurate and up to date than any that we have used in the past.” The systems that Pinpoint had purchased previously had to be discarded since they became incompatible with the newer software that their former supplier is now using. In order to add new vehicles they had to throw away some perfectly good GPS devices or run two separate programs to monitor them. “We were being forced to buy new units for all of our trucks in order to add two new vehicles.” 

“And here is the best part,” says Bill, “This system is leased, so maintenance, upgrading, repairs, and technical support are only a phone call away and more affordable by far than our previous system”

                                                   About Pinpoint Pest Control

Truly a family affair, Pinpoint Pest Control was started by Bill Tanksley, 63, in 1997, following a successful career with a variety of other pest control firms. Pinpoint has grown quickly, jumping from an income of $2800 in its first month to $10,000 four months later. Four of Bill’s five sons are involved in the business. Steve, 33, is his father’s partner and oversees production and business operations, Wesley, 30, is Pinpoint’s field supervisor, Brian, 24, takes care of Bees, rats, and new starts, and the newest recruit, David, 18, runs a route in North County. The company’s clients include homes, businesses, schools, municipalities and water districts in an area covering all of San Diego North County. For more information on Pinpoint Pest Control, visit its website at

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