Safe, effective two-way communication

When your dispatchers and drivers are in the dark, it costs you money, resources and maybe even customers. It's time to give your employees a safe and effective way to share information.

A Navman Wireless MDT-860, in combination with our proprietary software OnlineAVL2, powers the two-way communication your operation needs to stay competitive. Dispatchers can send the latest job details, directions and other pertinent info directly to the operator. In return, operators can return detailed messages safely via pre-programmed buttons.

  • Safe Communication - MDT-860 is designed to relay as much info as possible without distracting drivers, violating no-phone-zone laws or jeopardizing liability insurance.
  • Improve Record-Keeping - Use our OnlineAVL2 message center to review message content, including time and location received.
  • Increase Accountability - MDT-860 can even act as a virtual timesheet, theft-deterrent system and fuel tracker.

See what MDT-860 can add to your operation and call (888) 628-6261 for your free demo today.

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