Director ELD

DIRECTOR® ELD delivers true telematics ROI to businesses everywhere. Fleet businesses of all sizes can leverage our robust full-service GPS fleet management platform designed to increase their fleet’s efficiency. The adaptive capabilities of DIRECTOR allows it to easily grow with any business – all while maintaining compliance.


  • Fuel savings
  • Improved CSA scores
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Decreased HOS fines and violations
  • Reduced unexpected repairs costs
  • Simplified IFTA reporting
  • Driver retention
  • Elimination of tedious filing and auditing of paper ROD’s
  • Simplified safety audits


  • FMCSA certified ELD
  • Real-time GPS
  • Vehicle analytics
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Enhanced geofencing
  • Robust third party integrations
  • Driver-to-dispatch communication platform
  • DVIR
  • Easy-to-use in-cab tablet for drivers
  • Intuitive manager and dispatch software
  • Manage unassigned drive time
  • Log-in access for support personnel
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DIRECTOR provides a single, all-encompassing view of Hours of Service status.


DIRECTOR ELD provides a single, all-encompassing view of Hours of Service statuses. Its HOS dashboard provides color-coded statuses for each driver, including driving, on duty, off duty, at risk, and in violation. Dispatchers can filter by these statuses to see the drivers, drive time used, on duty time used and 7/8 day rule time used. This HOS dashboard provides many benefits to dispatchers, including:

Early identification of potential HOS violations

Notification of drivers who are in violation

Up-to-the-minute HOS driver data


DRIVE is a powerful suite of applications that provide drivers and co-drivers secure, safe, and efficient in-cab tools – all on an easy-to-use interface. DRIVE features all of the compliance requirements set forth by the FMCSA ELD mandate from unique logins to in-vehicle audible and visual feedback warnings to help avoid HOS violations and manage their own HOS compliance, as well as a clear and intuitive interface allowing for expedited roadside inspections. DRIVE offers advanced in-vehicle navigation and two-way messaging functions, including compliance and safety options for seamless transportation during the workday. With multiple map views and the ability to instantly send and receive messages, operations stay guided and focused – enabling improved efficiency and productivity. The features include:

Two-way messaging

Garmin powered truck-grade navigation

Electronic driver logs (E-logs)

Electronic driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR)


DRIVE features the ability for maintenance/repair and/or other yard personnel to access the vehicle without affecting a driver’s logs or recording the event as “unauthorized driver” vehicle access. This special login allows for regular maintenance or other yard movement to be recorded to the vehicle without being automatically recorded as on-duty or creating a period of “Driving” time that may be incorrectly assigned. Anyone accessing the vehicle for maintenance/repair must log in to the DRIVE app with their support personnel login ID allowing access to:

View DVIR inspection report lists

Review driver post-trip vehicle condition and remarks

Add maintenance remarks

Confirm vehicle condition

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